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March 25, 2010


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Seems like it.

As i type this today, There are currently no American studios providing the main animation production for their own popular action shows( action shows as we know them ). All of the animation is outsourced to be done here.

Why is that?

you would think of all the fans of these dvd movies and tv shows who talk about "American animation, versus japanese animation," they'd at least know that what they really mean is " Korean Animation versus Japanese animation" right? lol.

Popular 2-d animated Tv shows today are conceived, designed and storyboarded by and for Americans, but not animated by them.

The korean talent today is amazingly staggering, their output is faster and at a desireble level of quality for the studios and that's definitely part of it.

But what's discouraging kids from wanting to pursue a career in this business?  and what's discouraging ( or stopping ) studios from wanting control of every aspect of their all-American ideas and keeping the legacy of American talent, in all aspects, in-house? Money/Overhead? lack of Unions support? Lack of interest/ Talent available?  A lot of questions come up when me and my colleagues discuss what's changed so drasticly and why? It could be a myriad of things. Things i dont have the time or space to type, lol.

Whatever the theory, it hasn't slowed the fact that there's an increasing amount of work being outsourced over here today more and more.

At one point, Character and BG Layouts from the storyboards in preparation of key frames where the chores of the American animation studios, but now even that is done here ( save for a few mandatory expression references).

And within the last year, i'm starting to see STORYBOARDS come over here now as well.

From the looks of things i have to ask: will there be NO STORYBOARDING JOBS available in the near future?


Many will be surprised to know that the new talent here in South Korea--as well as the States-- are losing interest in taking a TV animation job because it doesnt have the same allure as Video Game production ( outside of feature jobs in the USA ). More so in South Korea, TV animation gigs are known for being low pay, hard working gigs. There's an increasingly shrinking interest in jobs for TV animation production here in South Korea.

Also, the newer generation of Korean artists are now interested in creating their own projects and are actively pursuing them more and more, largely in the "MANHWA" market ( Korean Comics ).

While in the states, it seems as if the talent pool in the 2-D action arena is bottoming out. Studios in 2-d Tv animation in America have given up as a whole on pursuing and nurturing new talent. There doesnt seem to be major & active, effective programs really being enforced ( when you compare it to Feature )  for getting larger levels of talent out of school and into  the pre production stage.

That's the down side.

The up side of it? The more older and current directors,  storyboard supervisors, storyboard artists, character, prop, back ground a color supervisors/ designers for pre production are all still working professionals today, lol....maybe a little too much of it (There's actually a shortage of talent available in action TV animation production right now in the states.)

At the current rate of things, there's eventually going to be no new prodigies for this generation of current directors/ supervisors/producers to pass the torch to.

It only makes sense that studios start sending more and more overseas. Who's gonna be around to do the work when the older heads retire?

To be cont in SEOUL SESSIONS: korean Prodcution memoirs pt.3
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andrewk Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010
Americans need to do two things.

1.) Get the money. I don't care where. Blaming everything on "the economy" has become a shallow and childish excuse. Studios as WELL as individual artists both need to do this. Money is the cause of all the lay-offs, arguments, bankruptcy, yes... outsourcing, and poor quality of shows these days.

2.) GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES AND GET TO WORK. The worry that there will be no new mentors to lead the industry ahead is due to the fact that no one will ever GET to their level! But that will happen if people LEARN TO DO IT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY.

Have the work of Disney, the old Warner Bros., Pixar and DreamWorks raised the bar so high that people either feel intimidated by their work or that they completely overestimate their own skill?! I am going to be uncharacteristically biting here when I say the following, so please, please bear with me: WE ARE ALL A BUNCH OF LAZY IDIOTS DEPENDING TOO MUCH ON OTHER PEOPLE DOING THE WORK FOR US!!!! GET TO ****** WORK.
WolfSpiritZERO Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2010
Man your journal just mad me angry and sad at the same time. It brings back the anger I felt back when Disney closed their Orlando studio.
It is sad because in a few years there will be no chances for younger artist who want to break into the business. That is unless they learn Korean or Japanese and work over there. As someone who grew up dreaming of being an Animator it's a bummer. But then again it can drive us to take thing in our own hands and try and revive the dying American Animation.
KimchiCrusader Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
I've heard that a lot of Japanese cartoons are animated in Korea as well, any idea if that's true?
LeSeanThomas Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010  Professional Filmographer
yes. very true. Japan sends their inbetweens here. and very often, entire animated series. right now, JM animation is animating a japanese animated series called "ANIMAL DETECTIVES."
cmbarnes Featured By Owner May 18, 2010
DR Movie is a popular Korean animation destination for Japanese productions. They do a lot of work for Madhouse, and work with Gonzo, Bones, Production I.G. and even Studio Ghibli. Other than that, they're also another choice shop for the Warner Bros. Animation shows.
LeSeanThomas Featured By Owner May 19, 2010  Professional Filmographer
they used to be. They are now split. They are Moi animation. It doesnt REALLY matter as all of those guys still work for eachother. many of the DR, MOI, JM, LOTTO and DONG WOO guys all rotate at those studios. evert single animator at JM has worked for all of those studios ( since they are all freelance, no in-house).

TMS was WB's go to for a while. but now they are expensive and busy ( since they are in japan). Moi is the new fave as well as JM. in my opinion, MOI and JM are the 2 top animation houses in south Korea ( as they frequently attract all of south koreas top talent lately).
cmbarnes Featured By Owner May 19, 2010
Cool. I love MOI's work. I saw their name in the credits of Boondocks season 2 often, and in the first episode of season 3. My (current) dream one of these days is to make a 3-4 minute animated short based on the comic I'm currently drawing, and the first studios I could think of to do animation production for it would be JM or MOI. Layout though, I would absolutely have to do that on my end.

I remember a few of those studios. During the Teen Titans/Justice League days I usually saw Dong Woo and LOTTO as the studios, and sometimes Dong Yang and Koko Enterprises. I used to see Taiwan's Wang Film often, but not so much these days. The new Marvel shows are animated by a studio called Noxxon Enterprises. I have no idea where they're located.

For the comedy shows, I usually see Rough Draft, Saerom, Yearim, Plus One, or Digital eMation. eMation does all the Seth MacFarlane shows now, and they didn't before. It was like once The Venture Bros. launched with that studio, a bunch of shows switched to them.
LeSeanThomas Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2010  Professional Filmographer
All good points, thanks guys.

I also think frankly, that its a shame that when it comes to the DVDs for which these shows are collected ---which cover featurettes and interviews from the actors to the writers, pre-prod staff, all the way down to commentaries with people who you could take or leave ( marketing heads & magazine editors?)--- they dont mention or cover the True Magicians: The ANIMATORS ( You'd think they'd really matter, lol). Never a peep of who Animation-directed what, or which scene required what level of skill, etc.
Suruma Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I believe video games our the superior form of entertainment do to the fact that it places the player in the shoes of the character and you are more emersedin the story and world. You care more for the character because you're essentually being that person. Games like Heavy Rain are breaking the border between movie and games and someday the anime games will look exactly like the anime.
I chose to make video games because it's the superior way to tell a story. Why watch the character when you can be them. It brings a whole another level of importace to the story when it actually feels like it's happening to YOU.
Me-Shey-El Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
Knowledge is indeed power, and I'm greatful you're sharing this info with us. But I wonder.... Is it too late to turn the fate of 2d animation around in the states? Surely if enough like minded passionate artists came together we could start a movement in the right direction. I know funding is a big factor, but you think this is possible?
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